Friday, March 18, 2011

Wizard World is come upon us!

Hey guys! Just a quick reminder that I'll be at table 1015 in the Artist Alley for Wizard World this Saturday and Sunday. I most likely won't be coming today (friday) as I'm finishing up a work deadline and battling the tail end of a nasty cold. But I'll see you guys Sat/Sun!

Thing's I'll have on the table:

- 4x6 art prints. NOTE! 100% of every purchase towards a fanart print (all the one's pictured above) will be donated to the relief effort to help out with the crisis in Japan. I mentioned donating to 'Doctors without Borders' on twitter, but heard 'Red Cross' has a more direct route to Japan, I'm still doing research to find which is the best place to donate to and will post a screen cap with proof of donation after the convention.

-8.5x11 art prints
- a portfolio showcasing comic pages from my (and my bro's) latest "Flight 8" story, "The Anthology Project: volume 2" (they will have a table at WW also so be sure to get a look at that beautiful book!) and some Shrub Monkeys pages. As well as various pinups and illustrations.
-I'll also be available for black and white inked commissions. 

I think that covers everything, so come on by and let the nerd-times ROLL!!!


Andrew Murray said...

Hey Katie,

it was great meeting you at the con, holy crappola! your blog is awesome! I spent the first hour at work trolling through it from start to finish. AWESOME STUFF!!! looking forward to seeing more of you at cons and the general art community!

again, thanks for being at the con and letting us stumble on to your work!

- Best, sincerely

Jonathan Coit said...

Swell meeting you! Your stuff never fails to amaze me. I look forward to your interview with Adam and Andrew.