Monday, March 21, 2011

Kt's Wizard World write up

So another con has come and gone, and I have to say despite suffering through the worst stages of a nasty cold-turned-laryngitis I had a very swell time! Seeing comic friends from near and far is always the greatest pleasure I get from conventions, and it was super awesome to make new acquaintances and meet a bunch of lovely, lovely readers and fans of my work. Thank you kindly to everyone who came by the table to chat, pick up prints, or even take a quick peek and shyly scamper away!

(Table buddy Adriana Blake, myself, and my brother Shaggy Shan being accosted by a member of Toronto's elite  501st Stormtrooper LegionClick to see a close up of my bro's hilarious face)

Tdot Comics, a new Toronto focused comic community, did a small write up as well (with a pic of our table). I was able to meet Tdot founder Alice Quinn very briefly, but I'm incredibly excited to see where Tdot is going and to be a part of a larger community of comic creators (and lovers) in the GTA!

My brother edited together this fun, short video taken at the con (which includes the results to a small contest I threw on twitter to win a commission) and some over-the-shoulder step-by-step process of me drawing and inking another commission... with frog voice!

As I mentioned last post, 100% of all purchases of my fanart prints will go directly to benefit relief efforts in Japan, and I was able to raise a grand total of $82! I'd mentioned on twitter that my donation would go to "Doctors without Borders" but was also informed that "Red Cross" donations had a more direct impact on Japan specifically. With all the amazing work Doctors without Borders do I didn't want to just suddenly leave them out so I decided to split the proceeds 50/50 between both organizations.

Proof of receipts (with my personal info blacked out for security reasons):

And that's about it for now, happy Spring Equinox to you all! There's a change in the air and I'm making changes in my life that excite, invigorate, and kind of scare me a little bit, but as long as I'm having fun I know I'm doing something right. As they say in "Meet the Robinsons", Keep moving forward!


Adamdraws said...


It was great getting to talk to you at the con. Hope all is well.

A. said...

Wish I could visit you at the cons...'le sigh'

But to the point at hand, I was watching the video your brother made of the con, in which you are drawing. Now comes the nitty gritty. What type of pencil are you drawing with? The one which what makes the orangey marks?

I've been on the hunt for such a pencil and would greatly appreciate finding out what you use.

That is all.
Thank you for your time and your amazing talent. :D

Kt Shy said...

I use prismacolor col-erase pencils. They don't erase all that great if you press hard, BUT when I hide the red layer in photoshop it doesn't matter too much :)