Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday night life drawing

Wow, it shows how busy I've been with work that my last drawing-post before this one was LAST WEEK's life drawing session. This model had some really great energy with his shorter gestures, but I was so rusty with warm up I've only got ONE gesture I'm more or less okay with:

 (1 minute... crazy legs!) ^

 (20 minutes) ^

 (50 minutes) ^

(closer view)


Jennifer Armstrong said...

The last charcoal has a really clear feeling of weight in how he's balanced on the chair, awesome stuff. Love seeing the figure drawings!

Jamie said...

Ah man, I miss this class! Will have to visit soon. :) Great work, especially the last one.

mauricio salmon said...

great line work.

Heather said...

I know that model! I recognize that crazy hair anywhere! :P

Jackie said...

hey KT, where do you go for life drawing sessions? I plan on going to OCAD or Toronto School of Art sessions. When I went to TSA's in high school, it was always female models. It's nice to see a class that has some variety :) thx!

Kt Shy said...

Thanks folks!
Jackie, I take private classes with one of my old college teachers but the TSA had some good variety while I was going, you should give them another chance :) Thursday nights and I believe Sunday nights are varied poses.