Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy 2014 everyone! I've been reading a whole bunch of 2013 highlights from my peers and pals and thought I'd toss in my own two cents (bitcoins?)

Comic Projects and Animation Work

Sometimes I'm so busy with making things and so flustered with hitting deadlines that I forget to step back and recognized how insanely lucky I am to be able to make a living doing something I love. I get to draw everyday, create stories that entertain and educate, learn from gifted mentors, interact with talented and delightful people, consume as many comics and cartoons as I can (all the while calling it "research") and to keep learning as I go.

(Here's a repost of my "Things I drew in 2013" collection)
(click to enlarge image)

To quickly summarize my published projects (with links!):

2013 Trips, Conventions and Art Festivals!

*Autodesk Sketchbook FEBTOR 2013 (Toronto):
Curated by Chris Cheung, incredibly talented artists gave seminars on the theme of "storytelling." There were raffle prizes (I won two kick-ass lightsabers), shmoozing and we were all treated to upscale delicious dining at Colborne Lane (they freeze dried ice cream in front of our faces).
(Pics by Debbie Ohi. Also, check out Mike Cope's blog post on this event )

* TCAF! (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) Finally got to meet the amazing EmmyC! Took part in Shaggy's Magical Comic Shop Tour. Attended a hotel doodle party. Met/hung out with a whole bunch of fantastic people. Oh, and bought some great indie comics.
(Emmy, Stu, Megan and Megan's doodles of Shaggy n' me)

(comic by Emmy co-starring the wonderful Albinwonderland!)

*California adventures! San Diego Comic Con!  Walt Disney World! Tours of Disney Studios (thanks Clio!) DreamWorks Animation (Thanks Johane and Megan!) and Cartoon Network (Thanks Stu!) FUN!

*San Francisco adventures! APE Comic Festival! Lovely friends!

*Shrub Monkeys Launch/Halloween party at the Comic Book Lounge hosted by Guys with Pencils!
*Turned 30 (woah!)
*Moved into a new house and new studio with Gerry (and am now an upstairs neighbour to my brother Shaggy)!
*My family and friends having lots of cute babies (babies babies everywhere!)
* Tried Flying Trapeze at the Toronto Circus School. Did a back flip off the fly bar (the only way to get off is to fall onto the net far below. Exhilarating!)
*Played Fairy Godmum and helped my sis find a magical technicolor prom dress
*lots more but my brain is tired

Hope everyone had a great year :) Here's to a wonderful and inspired 2014. Good vibes and much love to you all!

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