Friday, April 20, 2012

Life Drawings

Ink and black colerase on animation paper again! 

(2 min ^)

(20-30 min each pose ^)
For the last class of each session our teacher Brian chooses a painting for us to take inspiration from where the model will change costume and be different character for various sustained poses. Here he's acting out Rembrandt's "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicoles Tulp" which Rembrandt apparently painted when he was twenty six years old. *throws paper in the air in defeat* I GIVE.


LI-O said...

Aw I wish the model in my classes changed costumes once in a while!

Travis McClain said...

Well, sure...but Rembrandt didn't have to take chemistry and he didn't have a "Tetris" addiction in his adolescence to distract him from working on his art.

Emily Bourke said...

Damn you Rembrant! Why must you have such mad art skillz! Nice life drawings by the way, Kt Shy. You've got some mad skillz too :D