Tuesday, April 17, 2012

C2E2 mini recap with links!

(Photo taken by the awesome Michael May of CBR Robot 6 for the blog's C2E2 photodiary ) 
I’ve only just returned from Chicago’s C2E2 comic con and am already diving into another heavy storyboard deadline, so while I don’t have much time to do a proper blog-highlight I’ll quickly say that the con was AWESOME!!! I met a whole bunch of amazing people; old friends, new friends, readers and fabulous creators and am completely inspired to make more comics and art and amazing things!

Here are a few links of C2E2 related events that’ll give you a better idea of goings-on than my keyboard rambling ever could. A couple interviews focusing on a Womanthology panel I was part of and a really fun podcast my brother recorded the Saturday night of the convention with our table buddies.

Coverage of the “Ladies of Womanthology” panel by the Progressively Aggressive Podcast.

Talking to the Micromaphone: 035 Podcasthology at C2E2. With Shaggy Shan, Katie Shanahan and table buddies Jean Kang and Alex Clinkingbeard. Topics include C2E2, Womanthology, and how to avoid being creepy in artist alley. (about 1 hour)

Progressively Aggressive Podcast sits down with Jean Kang and Katie Shanahan. Where Jean talks really smart and I talk really fast.

That’s all for now, cheers gang!

(BONUS: Shaggy fulfilling his con quest of acquiring dapper swag... and peach flavoured Hi-Chews).


Travis McClain said...

It was terrific to meet you at C2E2 this past weekend! You came across as very sincere and humble on the Womanthology panel and you were very kind when I spoke with you at your booth while waiting for Jean Kang to (finally) return.

I really dig that Hi-Chew, by the way! Thanks to Shaggy for sharing. Like I said at the time, I have skillz...even if they're just "being there." :D

Michael May said...

It was a pleasure meeting you! I'm just sorry I missed Shaggy. And that I came away without any Hi-Chews.