Thursday, October 6, 2011

Going APE!

Silly Kingdom. Shaggy wrote it I drew it.

Last weekend my bro Shaggy and I scooted over to San Francisco to adventure about the city, gorge on great food, and to debut our newly printed comic "Silly Kingdom" at the Alternative Press Expo (or APE). We had a jolly good time and San Francisco was beautiful and super good to us, I cannot wait to go back for another visit!

Shaggy and Chloe

We shared a table with cartoonist Chloe Dalquist  who was a pleasure to hang out with all weekend. Thanks so much to everyone who came by to say HELLO and pick up copies of Silly Kingdom! It was super awesome meeting and chatting with you all!

Thi and Jake

One of the highlights was hanging out with two of my amazing ACA Comic Camp pals Thi Bui and Jake Wyatt. Thi was promoting the second chapter of her graphic novel "The Best we could Do" and Jake was representing "The Anthology Project: Vol 2" with much charismatic ferocity (he sold out of most of the books on day 1). These two were such a joy to be around and there were plenty of good laughs and great times all weekend. Mega thanks to Thi for taking Shaggy and I into her home while we were in town (and thanks to her son Hein for giving up his bunk bed to two Canadian vagabonds and for being so cool with sharing his legos!)

All in all our first APE was a big success with lots of fun extras thrown in: naps in the park, checking out the giant back storerooms of the local comic shop, manga themed restaurants, a dueling piano bar, cutting the pre-party to go get tapas with Craig Thompson and friends, sushi burritos, chocolate pasta, discovering that oyster shooters can indeed get you drunk -scale of the fish, anyone?- and many more. 

Here's to good friends, good food,  good comics, making good comics and having tons of comical adventures,  BAAHHNG!


ScotlandBarnes said...

Yah! Coolness! Hope to see you again next year!

Thi Bui said...

Aww, bunk with us anytime, dudes.