Friday, November 5, 2010

Down at the good ol' ACA...

So It's been a full week since I was last at the Atlantic Center for the Arts (in sunny New Smyrna Beach, Florida) part of a group of 27 artists participating in a Graphic Novel residency retreat. When friends and family ask me "So, what was the whole Florida-thing about?" my answer is usually, "Oh man... awesome. It was so awesome. I can't even tell you... whoa, yeah, I'll do a post about it later."
And here we are! And I still don't quite know how to sum the whole thing up. How do you put one of the most inspiring, rewarding and fun-filled months of your life into just a few paragraphs? BUT lucky for you (and me) one of my ACA mates Matt Taylor (gentleman and Australian) did just that on his blog which you can read here (neatly packaged and SUPER insightful): Part one and part two.

But basically, here's what went down: I went to study under master cartoonist Paul Pope, learned a lot, met amazing people, ate delicious food, swam in the Atlantic under a full moon, sang karaoke, dug deep inside my psyche, and found a clear vision for what I want to do with my life. All in all, a jolly good show!

The big glorious group of us. All talented. All inspiring. All hard working. All... incredibly good looking- whoa, way to go comics! You can see the work of these ACA comic all-stars in my links section.

Here's my core group, looking off into the distance (except for Harry who's looking RIGHT INTO YOUR SOUL!) ready to rise to the challenge and take on the future of comics. From left to right we have Harry, Shahriar, Sam, Sean, Master Artist Paul Pope, Chris, Francis, Gabe and moi!

Aaaaaaaand okay, if you wanted a little bit more than that, my brother Shaggy Shan recorded a podcast with me about my time at the ACA, where I go off on weird tangents and babble a bit and we giggle non stop, but hopefully there are some nuggets of knowledge you guys'll get from it!!!! :) TTTM episode #19: A Seester has returned.

And that's about it for now, peace out my lovelies!

More awesome blog posts and comic links from my ACA buddies :)


Stuart Livingston said...

So psyched for you Katie! Can't waaait to see what amazing work you'll be shootin from your fingertips next! *pew pew pew!*


jennie said...

Katie! I just listened to your interview with your brother, you guys are so cute, haha! Your experience sounded totally amazing and life changing, wow. I'm so happy for you to be on track with your true love, comics! xoxo Jennie

D.Tekila said...

OMG, I recognized you on the first photo! Your expression is so like on your cartoons! XD