Monday, January 24, 2011

Viral Spiral Goodies!

I must say, today's been a pretty awesome day for my brother, friends and I on the internet! I woke up this morning to see that our live action Little Big Planet skit (from my brother and pal's Escapist internet series "Show About Games Show") went viral with plugs on Kotaku, Reddit, Geekologie, and on the twitter and blog of the original game's creators Media Molecule! Mega congrats to everyone involved! As it says on Kotaku:

"Give this Show About Games Show clip ten seconds to let you know what's going on. Give it thirty to warm your heart. Then give it around sixty to blow your mind."

What was also cute was my bro and I shared the top front page of today as someone went and linked to my "cold feet" sketch. Thank you very much to the folks that hang out over there!  This of course lead to internet weirdness...

 (my original drawing) ^
  (A revised "forever alone" meme version) ^
(The most amazing god damn thing I've seen all day) ^

And speaking of weirdness, you know it's going to be a good day when your mother calls first thing in the morning to say, "They're talking about your boobs on the internet!"
And there you have it, I think I've achieved everything I've ever aspired to do on the internet, JOB WELL DONE.


ScotlandBarnes said...

Wow. I saw it on Geekologie - blown away by it. How many takes did you guys have to do to get down for one take?

I'll stop now to avoid making any "boob" comment....

And congrats on full filling your internet-life achievement goal.

Kt Shy said...

Thank you, sir! Hoo, it must've been maybe... 20 takes with about half that making it all the way to the end, and of that three of them screwed up right at the finish (party poppers wouldn't go off)!

N.Hall said...

Wow yeah congrats on winning the internet!

Draw Monkey said...

That was all sorts of awesome. Congrats on getting 3 gold internet stars. Remaking something popular really well, getting your own stuff remade really well, and getting 6 thumbs up for your boobs.

Quite the achievement.

PS - My word verification word is "efiapoo". Probably to best one yet.

Lain444 said...

holy puppets!!!! hahahaha woooaw amaizing work