Friday, November 12, 2010

Fanart Friday: Power Girl

A sassy Power Girl fanart for Amanda Connor! Amanda is insanely talented, super sweet, crazy funny, and came to hang out with us ACA kids (along with her fabulous comic-making partner in crime Jimmy Palmiotti) for a couple days this October, bringing along a whole stack of her awesome comic page/boards from "The Pro" as well as some other projects, and beautiful original art from other brilliant artists like Frazetta and Moebius and...*wheeze*. Okay I realize that was a big, rambling run on sentence, but man... that's just how excited I am, Amanda is great! #fanartfriday!


John Norton said...

I cannot possibly put into words how much I enjoy your artwork. To accurately convey my love of it, I would have to spend months working on some kind of interpretive dance featuring actual, live pixies. Then there would be a grand finale including a golden unicorn with a platinum horn. Only then would the world understand even a little bit just how much I enjoy your artwork.

Eric Z said...

Wow this is great! Good job. Nice to see you keep cranking out the work!

Jake Wyatt said...

Those boobs WIN.