Friday, November 12, 2010

Commonwealth COMBAT!!!

Okay, I've risen to my ACA pal Thi's challenge for "Healthy Competition, Part One: Australians vs. Canadians. WHO IS THE BADDEST BADDIE IN THE COMMONWEALTH?" The only way to duke this out? In my imaginary videogame, aw yeah!

Edit: Something stupid and silly I drew for my buddy Shad who had no idea what "poutine"(our national delicacy) is. Another win for team Canada!


josh said...

I once saw a cricket match between Australia and Canada. as an Australian, watching the hilariously one sided match made my day almost as much as this post.

Lilly said...

aw man, this is some tough competition.I can't tell who would win o.O

I think I'll throw my vote in with the Canadians

Candeedah said...

Hey! Uhm I'm seeing it but I have no idea what is Poutine made of...

Is that ketchup?

I love your comics BTW :D