Saturday, July 10, 2010

What's the story?

Something I keep forgetting when I'm sketching for fun is to "draw with a PURPOSE!" and to keep in the back of my mind the question "what is the STORY?!" It happened here where I just started drawing a little bit of cheesecake-pinup on a blank background and thought "man... am I just drawing another cute girl staring at the camera? NO! What is she doing? Where is she? What is she thinking?" And from there the scene evolved into this here sketch. These are basic animation (and general) drawing tips, and while sometimes we can get lazy while we're doodling, it's best to keep hammering them in!


Kaycie D. said...

Mmm! That is very good advice. I usually draw without any plan, but I find that when I do plan things out, the sketch turns out much better. So thanks for that! Love the sketch :)

Kt Shy said...

Thanks so much! Yeah it's tricky to keep the mind sharp when we're doodling, usually the whole point of doodling is so we don't have to think at all, but the more you work those good habits the more they stick :D

Lenny said...

I sincerely love how curvy she is, and I need to work on those good habits haha. :]