Sunday, July 11, 2010

15% prawdy, 100% fikcji!

Oh I am such a scatterbrain sometimes! While I mentioned it in one of the Shrub Monkey comics, I never really posted about this in full detail yet. A while ago I was very kindly invited to have Shrub Monkeys featured in "Karton" a comic magazine from Poland full of some very cool material! The editor Tom was awesome enough to send me some copies, and I was (and still am!) absolutely tickled to see Shrub Monkeys translated into another language! I can't understand the write up as English is my first and only language (and even that get's called into questions sometimes, m i rite? lolz rofl) but my Polish readers assure me it's all good things! :)

EDIT: "M" has been super kind and offered to translate the article for me, so I've posted the results underneath (the writer was so very, very sweet!)

Katie Shanahan (know as KtShy) is an author of an internet comics called 'Shrub Monkeys'. She is 26 years of age and works as a animator on different tv series. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and room-mate, she has two siblings: brother Shagster and younger sister Hes. She documents her life in the form of short and funny comics strips, with Hes and Shagster as co-authors. On how real is this documentation – this the reader will never know, though in many cases he can have a guess because on the web-page description it says ' 15% real, 100% fiction! '. The topics of the comic is real life with huge dose of humour and imagination. The comic-makers themselves read comics, watch cartoons and anime and attend conventions, therefore there is a strong influence of a pop-culture in the strips. In the comics you can find many famous people and fictional characters. From time to time Gerard Butler helps the sisters out and on top of Toronto's sky-scrapers mutated toasts have a fight. The main characters in the comics are obviously the siblings and people from their closest neighbourhood. The leading role is 'played' by our animator, which you can't not like – she is smart, nice and very down to earth. Its not quite sure how big a resemblance there is between the fictional character and the person holding the pen, but in the comments and notes the artist is not far off her alter ego. The characters drawn by Katie are both Disney and anime type of sketching. The artist herself says that her work is somewhere in between these two poles. The main and the biggest advantage of the comics is the very rich acting of the characters. The emotion are so accurate that you dont really need any dialogue because the story tells its self on the faces of our heroes. Most of the mimics are too strong but it only adds to the humour of the situation described. Recently KtShy started a new animated series (which title she can not tell) and she's started to do her so long neglected drivings licence. Her life goes on and along with it the comics. Everything You can find in the internet under ' THE LINKS'


asu said...

Awesome thx :*
For us it was amazing to publish your works.
I'll send you soon pdf with Karton translated in english.

Marcin "Dr.Agon" Górski said...

Your strips in Karton are funny, just like on your website. I hope we (by "me" i mean "polish fans of SM) could see more of your comics in Polish language.

a said...

i don't know why i've just read whole printscreen while i have an original magazine on my shelf

Kt Shy said...

Thanks so much everybody! :D I am so thrilled and happy that you enjoy my comics!