Monday, September 10, 2007

Iggy Arbuckle stills

I just added this one because it makes me laugh.A buncha stills from a too-cute cartoon I worked on called "Iggy Arbuckle" ^__^


Anxiety said...

Hello, I am currently trying to improve the article for Iggy Arbuckle in Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia). Thanks to those stills from the show, I was able to leave citations to images of Catfish Stu and Manly Foreman. But there are a number of characters who I still want to find images of, to cite: Zoop, Spiff, Kira, The Great Bamzeani, and Robear and Robert (I'm sure the minor and one-off characters could wait). Since you worked on the show's production, could you upload stills containing these characters as well? That would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Emily Tomasik said...

I LURRRVE these! So great and funny!