Monday, September 10, 2007

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

So I just started attending this awesome life drawing class; located in a bar! It plays fun music, you can drink yer face off, and the models are super interesting to look at! Today's was a very sassy Rubenesque 1920's style lady with wicked burlesque costumes and tons of tattoos. Next time I'll have to bring colour pastels, (I slapped on some quick colour on one sketch in photoshop).

Way more fun than school, people! Though I really do need a teacher to slap some technique into me, yarr!


Sarah C said...

I'm gonna go to the one in Montréal next week. Sounds trippy.
LURVE your Potter parodies by the way.
Make ore please.

Amanda said...

A bunch of my friends keep going to Dr Sketchy's. I'd like to go sometime :D It's nice to see some life drawings from you as well.