Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Radio Adrift sneak peek

(Comic schedule status: DONE LIKE DINNAH)

Now that Shaggy and I are finished our latest comic (for a certain awesome anthology) I think it's high time we share some sneak peeks of "Radio Adrift." Here are some concept doodles of our main character Wiya.

And a peek at two of the final panels (internet high-five points if you can spot the cameos). We'll be able to talk more about this project when we get the go-ahead from our editor, from what we've seen, this anthology is going to be absolutely gorgeous 


Nukiuk said...

THese are kind of cute. So maybe I'm missing something just getting here or over looking the obvious but does this little wizard girl have comic or story?

Nukiuk said...

These are fun, and maybe I'm missing something because I just found this or I'm slow... but does this little wizard girl have an online comic I could read or is it something else?

Kt Shy said...

Thanks! They're for a short story in the "Explorer: The Lost Islands" comic anthology due for release October 8 http://amzn.to/1aKRr1o :)