Friday, November 16, 2012

Super Why!

While popping around on youtube I found some clips from "Super Why" a pre-school animation series I did art design work on a few years back (I uploaded samples in this 2009 blog post). It was a fun show to work on as each artist was given 5 or 6 episodes and we got to design eeeeverything in those episode's 2D storybook-land sequences (characters, bgs, the works) and every episode was a different design style. I'm kept so busy working in this industry that often I never see the final product.  But having tracked these down I think the show turned out really cute and wanted to share.

Aaaaand if you're curious, I've found links to a couple full episodes I worked on...  in Russian! I think? And out of sync! OH MAN! Also, keep in mind it's a show for little, little, LITTLE kids to participate along with so it can be almost painfully slow to watch as an adult with a billion things to do. But if your curiosity cannot be stopped, the youtube links be listed below! (okay you got me, this post is just for you mom and dad. :P )

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nickwatson said...

we had fun times!.....i d idnt know superwhy was russian.:)