Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthday arts!

Today marks the last year of my 20s, GYEE! I'm super grateful for everyone's lovely well wishes and wanted to share some of the amazing art I've been gifted by wonderfully wonderful people!
"Silly Kingdom"s Markus revealing his b-day cake magic trick! Animated by the awesome F.Lloren.

 Creepy porpoise adventures! By Brian Franco :D
 By my lovely partner in convention-table-crime, Adriana Blake
Warm colours and magical cheer by Gustavo Sanchez!

My darling little sister Hesbell drew us as princesses, aw yeah.

A sweet watercolour painting by my beloved fiance Gerry!

Thanks all! I've always treated my b-day more like a "New Year" than Jan 1st, as it marks the end of summer's goofing around, the start of school and the gradual shift into autumn (a season that makes me feel so darn alive and inspired!) So, I'm going to make a rock solid resolution that I need y'all to keep me accountable for: DRAW MORE ART! No more excuses. No more complaining that I'm tired from drawing all day for work. This year I resolve to draw for myself again. LET'S GO!!!

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