Monday, June 11, 2012

VanCaf re-cap

I never got around to making a VanCaf re-cap post (boo-urns) as the moment we returned from the comic fest in Vancouver I had to hit the ground running on a storyboard deadline, BUT here are a few video recaps I tracked down of the event with exhibitor interviews and clips from panels (so you can pretend you were there too!)
4geeksmedia starts off with Shaggy and I as the first super brief introduction.

  Creator interviews filmed by the Mad Montreal Man (I show up at the 7:50 mark)

And here's an overview of the entire convention by the RainGeek blog 

ALSO! Behold some epic comic-jam creations made in collaboration with amazing artists like Sam Alden, Lucy Bellwood, Becky Dreistadt, Tyson Hesse, Emily Partridge, Ryan Pequin, Ryan Smith, and more! (Shaggy wrote the dialogue for my panels. See if you can pick out the 2 of 'em!)


In summary, VanCAF was a ton of fun and our second most successful festival ever (after TCAF!) If you get a chance to exhibit or visit I highly recommend it. And be sure to try the Japadogs:

Why yes I'll have a shrimp-dog covered in more tiny shrimps.

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