Friday, May 18, 2012


Vancouver friends!

My brother Shaggy and I'll be in your city next weekend (Saturday 26th-27th) exhibiting at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. It's free to attend and if you'd like to come say hello we'll be hanging out with our booth buddy Tony Cliff (creator of the Eisner Award nominated webcomic "Delilah Dirk"!) at table 38. Hope to see you there :)



Angela Entzminger said...

Very cool. Hey are you and Shaggy going to be at CTN or APE this year by chance? Would love to stop by your table and grab a copy of Silly Kingdom in person.

Kt Shy said...

I would love to do CTN! We may not do APE this year as VanCAF and SDCC are 2 west coast trips already, too many of those get expeeensive. But we had fun last year and definitely want to do it again :)