Friday, March 16, 2012

Life Drawings

(1-2 min ^)
Changing things up at life-drawing class: instead of conte on newsprint I went with a pentel pocket brush on animation paper. Less messy and helps me find a use for the stacks of animation paper I've kept with me since college.
(15 min ^) black colerase pencil for tones

(20 min ^)


Chris Zammit said...


great line quality, on the middle one especially

Sarah Fogg said...

I love your life drawings, they're always so fluid and well-observed. It looks like you had a good model as well, they're good poses!

Lucy Makuc said...

wow! excelent!

Amanda said...

These are lovely!

Cons Oroza said...

That's actually a great idea! I have a bunch of animation paper with me and I don't know what to do with it haha.

I loooove your brush lines! I wanna be a pro like you :D

Melissa said...

Love the line quality and especially the sense of motion. Very life like and believable.

Also, I literally lol'ed at the goofy face you drew on the first set of sketches. Has a kind of 'marking my territory' pose.

Draw Monkey said...

These are so good!!! You make me want to get off me super lazy ass and go to lifedrawing again.