Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silly Kingdom BACK IN STOCK

At long last my brother Shaggy's and my comic "Silly Kingdom" is BACK IN STOCK! (December bonus: Free shipping WORLD WIDE)

We realize this is pretty last minute for Christmas gifts, but if you order by Friday Dec 16 noon EST we'll be shipping everything out by airmail that day and your books should take no more than 5 business days to arrive. With the high holiday traffic we can't 100% guarantee it'll arrive by Friday the 23rd, but bonus after-holiday gifts are fun too, right? ABSOLUTELY!

Let us know in the check-out descriptions box (or email us at if you'd like us to personalize the comic to someone special! :)


Tina N. - TinofTuna said...

THIS IS AWESOME!!! I <3 your Art :D How much is it? Can I use a credit/debit card? :P

Nicholas Hong said...

Great storytelling and characters are really adorable! ^^