Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shanahanigans at ComicCon

HA! Found the photobooth folk who were at the ComicCon party for Jeff Smith's 'BONE' posted pics of my siblings, Johane Matte and I as sample photos for the event. It was such a fantastic party in a ComicCon weekend FILLED with awesome events. This video on their page shows more photos of party attendees with the craziest ones being with Flight people (of course).

Five months later and I don't think I ever really did much of a recap from our California adventures (been so busy with Silly Kingdom, storyboards, Womanthology...) but we came back with some great stories that I'll do something with someday :) this photo Tony took that looks REALLY BAD out of context... 
(Taken during the Flight booth shut down at the end of ComicCon. FLIGHT I love you!!!)

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