Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aaaaanimation... BOARDS.

Yo KT! What is UP with the drawing dry-spell? Glad you asked, it's because I'm working full time on storyboards again, ya nutty darlings! Wild Kratt's season 2 (and Silly Kingdom) has been keeping my drawing hands preoccupied for the past two months. It's a fun show to work on and if you've got little one's (or are a little one) who enjoys animal learning action adventures with lots of nifty gadgets you can catch it on TVO Kids (and all over youtube).



Lew said...

My little brother really likes to watch Wild Kratts and I used to get annoyed by it sometimes. But knowing you work on it makes the show seem better now.

ScotlandBarnes said...

WOW - you've been working on Wild Kratts and you got Silly Kingdom done at the same time? And I thought I worked a lot...

Looks cool Katie! I'll have to check out the show on Youtube - why don't more cartoons for Canada make it down to America?

Katie said...

I was just watching Wild Kratt's the other day with my little nephew and totally got into it.
Sat there the entire time thinking to myself, "whoever does the art for this is a genius."
No lie!! XD