Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Comic Con Travel Show 2011

Missed out on going to San Diego Comic Con this year? Well then, why not tag along with my siblings and I in our annual comic-con adventure video and pretend you were there with us!!? Guaranteed more fun than your ol' cousin's-uncle's-aunt's-twice-removed vacation slide show from their trip to Hoboken (unless that was an amazing slide show in which case WHY weren't we invited to watch??) So far episodes 1 and 2 are online with more to follow, and the very last episode will showcase a massive shout out list to thank everyone from our IndieGogo "Silly Kingdom at Comic Con" campaign for helping us fund our book and take promo copies to Comic-Mecca!

... I do not know why the iconic image youtube chose was of my breakfast crepe...

And here are a bunch of photos taken by my buddy Tony Cliff of shenanigans in and around the Flight Anthology booth where the whole group of us were stationed.

More Comic Con reports on their way!

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Charecua said...

Damn! You guys are amazing! And that that badge of pictures is awesome! I wish I could go to SDCC some day!