Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Animators Making Comics panel

While at Con Bravo I had the pleasure of co-hosting my first ever panel at a comic con about "Animators Making Comics." I'll admit it was utterly nerve racking the first minutes before starting but as we got into it I started having a lot of fun (it helps to actually know what you're talking about too!) Friend and photographer Chris Cater took some snap shots while my brother Shaggy moderated and some friends and myself discussed how we got into animation, how we got into making comics, and how they affect, inspire and feed off one another.

From left to right we have Stephen Daymond (creator of the webcomic "Specimen B-28") Heather Leach (one of the amazing Con Bravo creators also working in animation) Adriana Blake (creator of the webcomic "Fall on Me") myself and my brother Shaggy (creator of awesome videos and comic writings).

So yeah! The only draw back is we ran out of time for questions, one hour goes by super quickly, but I'd happily jump on board one of these panels again at a future convention!

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