Wednesday, July 20, 2011

As IndieGogo draws to a close...

(My brother Shaggy and I enjoy some celebratory gelato after picking up demo/sample copies of “Silly Kingdom” that we’re taking to San Diego Comic Con for promotional purposes- not for selling)

Thank you all so much for your insanely kind and generous support of our newest comic project “Silly Kingdom!” There are only 2 hours left of the IndieGogo comic campaign with commission level rewards still available if you’d like to pre-order the project and get some extra goodies in the process!

Silly Kingdom comic campaign:

Shaggy’s Q&A video for the project:

I cannot thank you guys enough for your support. Sitting at this computer, on the wrong side of two all-nighters, and waiting for a cab to take my siblings and I in the airport makes me very introspective (introspective….? Introspective). Making comics and drawing for fun is what makes me happiest. Your comments, support and good vibes makes it all that much sweeter. Thank you for bringing good things into my life and I hope my work continues to do the same to you :)


Okay… coffee time… definitely!

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Elizabeth said...

Love the cover! I'm sorry if this is a repeat question but have you guys thought of maybe making available as an e-book?

Anyhow love your stuff keep it up :)