Sunday, July 3, 2011

Artist Introspective in Digital Artist magazine

I tracked down issue 20 of the UK art magazine "Digital Artist" at my local Chapters bookstore. Editor April Madden was kind enough to invite me to put together an artist introspective for the magazine a couple months back and at last I get to see it in print!

 Oh boy, oh boy, and right under "Sweaty Eskimo" no less (wha?)

 I chose ten images I'd illustrated and talked a little bit about the thought process behind them and different artistic techniques I like to use (all digital).

"Artistic skeletons" all up in this cupboard! Thank you April and the rest of the folks at Digital Artist  for featuring me in your sweet magazine! I am absolutely thrilled!


Sarah Joan Mokhtar said...

Awesome Katie! You AND the article!

(my word verification for this comment is marryme - whut? )

~ Lu said...

You are a GENIUS!!! Of course you have to be in that magazine!!!


~ Lu said...

You are a GENIUS!! Of course you have to be in that magazine!!


ScotlandBarnes said...

Going to have hunt this down! Way to go Katie!

Taimur Shehzad said...

wow. cool. You are lucky to get yourself posted in this magazine. I have tried a few magazines but still not lucky enough to get published.

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