Friday, May 13, 2011

Classic Adam West campiness for the #fanartfriday tumblr. Batman’s always been my favourite superhero since childhood, and I think what I enjoy best about him is that there are so many different incarnations and interpretations of the character from super cool, to super dark and gritty, to just plain silly. 

An alternative version for this week’s #FAF (that I scrapped in favor of Mr. Batusi here) was the Christian Bale Batman and his super squishy face:


Ink Asylum said...

Hilarious! His face in the second one kills me. Is Fanart Friday open to anyone or only by invitation?

Emily C. said...

It was the part with the ducks that really made that bomb scene for me. That said, what made up my mind that 1960's Batman was a totally worthwhile camptastic show was Robin hanging upside down from a helicopter's rope ladder as he sprayed shark repellent on Batman's bitten leg.

Happy days, right now. You did West and Bale justice.

Daniel Solis said...

Ha! My whole office LOL'd.

Kt Shy said...

Thanks gang!
@ Ink Asylum: If you send me your email and a link to your blog I can ad you as a member to the tumblr :)