Thursday, March 24, 2011

My studio!

Finally got my studio space more or less organized after all the crazy busyness of work, Toronto Wizard World comic con, and a head cold that left me fairly out of sorts. My favourite part is the new white board which keeps all the clutter of note pads and stickynotes to a minimum. (I used to have to deal with a desk space that looked something like this):


Lauren said...

Nice space! Lots of beautiful inspiration around too, I just bought the Caged Birds and Pele prints from Brittney Lee too! Lovely!

Oh and LOVE you work...big fan

Alisa said...

Ha ha! Love the sticky notes everywhere!

Winslow said...

One way to keep track of notes is to write them out in Word or Excel after writing them down on notepads or sticky notes. I got this tip from a manager and it really does help! Just thought I'd share! :)