Friday, February 25, 2011

Life Drawing Batch

I've started up classes with my excellent teacher Brian Hladin once again. I love this class, super fun, inspirational and very chill.
 I'll post one of the last drawing of the night first (20 minutes) ^^

 ... and back to the first drawings. (couple 3 minutes and a 1 min) ^

(2-3 min... really should have gotten the face in though) ^

A really tricky perspective pose, you can see Brian's fix floating above the figure
(5 min)^

(5 min) ^

I became so wrapped up in the figure I forgot to put the face on until the last second, gah!
 (10 min)^ 

  (10 min)^ 

 Last drawing of the night (20 min) ^


Luisi said...

Great work, it's very exciting to watch your sketches. :D
Love the pose where you almost forgot the face, her feet look so adorable!

coNs Oroza said...

Gaaah, beautiful drawings! This makes me wanna do Life Drawing again *_*

Karl said...

fantastic! love your 3-minutes

hollietree said...

amazing work, i aspire to be as good as you! what kind of pencil do you use, it looks lush!

mauricio salmon said...

the ones on top are great!