Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holy CATS,  it's been a busy couple of months! After returning from comic-camp in Florida (yes, it always goes back to that) I spent the chilly Canadian winter working on a large story boarding project and squeezing in two short anthology comics in my very small window of free time. The first aforementioned comic was for "The Anthology Project" which is in print as we speak, (I'll be attending the Mocca comic convention in New York this April to premier it) and the second comic I JUST wrapped on is for the final volume of the "Flight" anthology!

Flight 8 will hit amazon and bookstores this summer, so take a look for it and check out my comic "Buttons and Jim!"A cheerful, silly and optimistic tale penned by my brother Shaggy and slaved over artily by yours truly (with colour help from my darling Gerry D, and my buddy Jason C) . Review's are already pouring in, and it hasn't even gone to print yet! My favorite being,
"You'll go APE over 'Buttons and Jim'" ~(Puzzle, Kt's roommate's cat)

 (See as Puzzle tries to seduce you into buying "Flight 8" this summer, with her wiley wiles.)

And now I must get about my favourite pre and post-project-ritual... de-cluttering the studio!
(It all started with a mouse... NO. It all started with a wacom pen.)


Stuart L said...

Nice roundabout desk dudette! Movin' to Pasadena this year (as is the plan...), gonna get me a sweeeet new desk :D

Alex said...

"final" volume of Flight? What's happening?! D=
Excited to read your newest comic!

Kent said...

Comic Camp?!? That beats the hell outta space camp!

KT's Mom said...

Hmmm...did someone get roses for Valentine's???

DorkSara said...

Puzzle is a Tortie??? <3

Stephanie Seed said...

I have that poster woo