Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Plug for my bro: Watch the "Show about Games Show!"

A while ago my brother Shagster Shan and his buddy's entered a 'looking-for-new-video-content' contest on the mega popular videogame website "THE ESCAPIST" and were picked in the top three! What did they win? To make MORE VIDEOS! For the next couple months their video-game variety sketch show, "Show About Games Show" will air online on "The Escapist" website EVERY THURSDAY with quality skits, whacky sketches, and random video game related weirdness for your viewing pleasure!

Episode ONE just aired today! I helped out with props, effects (and singing) in the mind-blowing Little Big Planet sequence at the end, check it OUT! And let us know what you think on The Escapist site!

And you can check out the Pilot Webisode here!

There's more to come, my brother and his friends are just getting RAMPED UP! So stay tuned, and you can keep an eye on these folks and other shenanigans they get into over on their website

Cheers all! :)


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