Sunday, January 30, 2011

#fanartfriday: Sailor Moon!

This week’s #fanartfriday theme is my own personal gateway drug into the mad, colourful world of manga and anime,  Naoko Takeuchi’s “Sailor Moon!” I saw the anime when it aired on Canadian tv over ten years ago and it blew my mind and stole my clumsy-teenage-girly heart. The first manga showcased a fairly different looking design for our short-skirted heroine, and I wanted to give that a draw. Enjoy!

Inked with a quill (the R. Esterbrook & Co 1000 gifted to us in Florida by the super awesome Jimmy Palmiotti!) on bristol, and coloured in photoshop (the texture is from scanned scrap-booking paper).


Luisi said...

Oh hero of my youth! XD

f_guy said...

you roooooooooooooooooock!