Thursday, December 23, 2010

I found the “Dungeon” series at my local library and became instantly smitten with Lewis Trondheim’s fun and engaging narrative and the deceptively simple and incredibly charming art by Joann Sfar. The series revolves around a gigantic Dungeon (the kind heros and villains break into in pursuit of adventures, treasure, glory, and unfortunately all too often an untimely doom) and the quirky characters who work behind the scenes to keep the dungeon and all it’s traps and finances running smoothly. Spanning several decades the story covers the events that lead to the dungeon’s creation (The Early Years), through it’s glory days (Zenith), and ultimately towards it’s decline (Twilight).
This character is from the Twlight segments, and I found his particular story/character arc to be the most intriguing!


Abz said...

cute! haha... a bit scary for the holidays, but i likey!!

Paco said...

Awesome comic series. Been a big fan of Dungeon (or Donjon as it is called in French) it's like the muppets meet the Lord of the Rings. It amazes me how the quality of each and every book is so high.
This is a great pic you made of Herbert as the dark lord! Nice work!!