Thursday, November 11, 2010

A couple ACA Assignments

One of our assignments at the ACA working with Paul, was to do a direct brush study of an existing comic sequence drawn by an established artist, I chose this one by Attilio Micheluzzi.
... then we had to redraw the sequence in our own style. This was my first pass, there are tons of wonky things about it from weird handling of background-consistency and perspective and off model characters, but I feel like I learned a ton (especially with just handling a brush!) My studio mates encouraged me to do another version in my more"goofy"style, but I never got around to it (bah!)
Another assignment was to take film stills with various focus depth and interpret them into our own drawing.

I don't really feel like I quite got this one, should have added more plant life in there and worked with lights and shadows better, but it was fun to play around with. KEEP MOVING FORWARD!


Cecilia said...

Attilio Micheluzzi, that's him. During his last years he lived and worked in my own city.

Kt Shy said...

YES! That's it, thanks Cecilia! I was googling and couldn't quite find his proper name, whew!

GG said...

These are really great! What film is that still from? I wanna say Carrie, cause it looks like Sissy Spacek, but I dunno!

Abz said...

You're amazing! wow... :) loving your blog! please stop by and check out my art-- hopefully you'll follow too! :P

Happy holidays! keep up the great work!