Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daily Doodle: Rosella

Just a little nostalgia kick to cap off the day. King's Quest VII was my favourite computer game as a tween, and one of the best parts is your main character starts off as a smokin' hot princess (who albeit makes creepy faces when she sings to princesses tend to do) and then BAM! next level she gets turned into a dumpy little troll for almost the rest of the game. Super cute! This Sierra game always disturbed me a little bit because unlike some of my favourite Lucas Arts games, in this one you could die. Many times. And horribly. I think what made the deaths so chilling is they'd happen off screen or right at a cut, so it'd be left to my imagination to fill in the grisly gaps. But other than that... a super pretty girly game, YAAY.

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Olla said...

So cute. I looooved King's Quest VII too! I always wanted Attis and Valanice to have a little side romance. Will there be more Princeless Bride fanart in the future?

Point n' click adventures games make me happy.