Friday, September 17, 2010

It's gonna be close...

You guys are absolutely amazing!!! With only 6 hours left until the contest is over my brother's TUFF film "Paper Games" is currently in first place! The current 2nd place is working hard to over take it, so please take a minute to vote today if you haven't!

This is going to be close, like the final chase scene in Speed Racer!!!
Thank you so much for your support

Disclaimer: Speed Racer image edited from a series poster image, I could not draw Racer X so hilarious if I tried.


Panda said...

I hope your brother win!
(do you know about good animation colleges? I really need to know)

Kt Shy said...

Thanks! :)
Hmm... I always like to recommend the Animation World Network school resource data base for that one, I don't know much about school other than the one I went to here in Canada (Sheridan) and some big name places like Ringling in Florida, or Goeblins in France, or Calarts in California. Hope this link helps!