Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bunnyroids and Princess Dino

My submission for today's 1 hour sketchoholic.com marathon, the topic was "Animals on Steroids."

EDIT: SWEET! I won :D So I got to choose the next topic "Princess Dinosaur"

UPDATE: And a late night intensity piece for the topic "Guardian Spirit of the Mountain." Done in 45 minutes, argh those mountains need work.
Update again: SWEET! I won a free Jason Seiler "Art of Caricature" book for this entry :D Thank you to all the folks at sketchoholic.com!


Eric Z said...

haha, the bunny roids is great! The carrot suringe is a perfect little eye catcher. Nice work!!!

Betsy Bauer said...

I want a princess dinosaur. :( Give now. :(

But yeah! haha! I hope we get to hang out some next year at SDCC! You seemed like an awesome person during our very brief encounter. And your comics/boards are awesome!

Stuart Livingston said...

Awesome sketches!...I should totally contribute to this :D