Monday, July 19, 2010

Off to San Diego Comic Con!

Well, with less than 12 hours until my flight I suppose it'd be a good idea to do a refresher post that my brother Shagster and I'll be at San Diego Comic Con this year! We'll be tabling with the classy and fabulous folks at the "Flight" booth (#2235) where Flight volume 7 will be premiering and I'm telling you I cannot WAIT to get my sweaty little hands on this thing, it's going to be GORgeous. (Actually I don't have sweaty hands, it's okay folks, you can shake them if you want... fist bumps are cool too. Maybe some stella-ella-ola?)

This'll be our first year (hopefully of many!) attending the Comic Con, though sadly it may be the last year "Flight" has a giant booth there so I am honored to be invited to sit amongst all these graphic storytelling giants. Also, did I mention "7" is my favourite number? Just one of those things...

If you buy a copy I will of course be happy to sign/doodle in it for you (unless you don't want me to... in which case you're going to have to run away fast because I can be pretty quick on the draw, wink, wink).

My brother and I don't really have our own swag to sell, but we'll have a bunch of free mini-prints that you can grab and enjoy! We'll also have a VERY LIMITED collection of buttons on us, but they're secret and hiding so you can only get one if you ask for "the super secret buttons!" Did I just make that weird? I hope not! Here are some of the mini art prints:

... I think I used more exclamation points than letters in this post. I can't help it, I'm so excited! And nervous... AND EXCITED! Hope to see you there :)