Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flight 7 is coming to a bookstore near you!

(cover illustration by Kazu Kibuishi)
The release date for Flight volume seven (the second-last in an amazing 8 volume comic anthology run) is drawing very close! And to get y'all pumped, the Flight blog has posted a preview page where you can check out samples from everyone's comics ("Fairy Market" is from my brother Shagster and me!) And check out the store locator to see where these lovely books will be sold. The official launch will be at the San Diego Comic Con this July, where you can get your excited, wiggley fingers on some hot, tasty, fresh-off-the-press books! Shagster and I will be in attendance as well, though mostly as wandering vagrants, but if you happen to catch us by the Flight booth, or anywhere else (except the bathroom plz) feel free to say hello and we'll happily doodle in your very own Flight copy :)


Stephanie Ramirez said...

Sweeeet! I can't wait to get one.

Saw your story on the flight forum, so hilarious!

Kt Shy said...

Aw thank you :D You got the insider's sneak peek!!

Kim J said...

I'm excited for this one^^

potato farm girl said...

Oooh! I did not realize you would be at SDCC! I will be there Saturday and part of Sunday, maybe I'll catch you at the Flight booth, and you can sign my copy! XD