Friday, January 22, 2010

A few more commissions from laaaaast year

Oshmagosh, longtime no update! Here's a couple more commissions I polished off right before the new year. I'm so super crazy busy right now I haven't really found any time to draw for myself (hence the lack of comic updates). I'm having so much fun storyboarding for a show right now (can't say which just yet), wish I could share those drawings with you guys buuuut I don't think I'm allowed!
Hope 2010 has been treating ya real nice so far!

Also... (cough) I found this awesome little Sailor Generator on DA that I spent a little too much time playing around on the other night (ahehe... what I need to take breaks!) The 14 year old me went into squeespasms as soon as I saw it. And yes, this is something I'd TOTALLY wear >__<

1 comment:

Ann said...

Oh man, I loved that sailor generator way too much. Mine came up just a bit darker, hehehe: