Thursday, June 4, 2009

Green Scarf

Smiling girl on the streetcar (updated!)


Mario B. said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Frances. said...

Since I can't post a critique on devart, I'll just post some things I like and dislike about this here drawing :D
First of all, the composition is very nice (haha, art terminology!), The open window does a great job of balancing the green with the red, though it's hard to notice at first, it's very subtle and clever. It's obvious where the center of focus is and the color scheme is nice as well. The hair color and clothing colors don't stand out too much, yet they make a nice contrast. I also like the attention to detail and the trees in the background. I love how strikingly "ktshy" this is, the style is obviously your own, as with all your other beautiful artwork. The many textures you put on the piece are also very subtle, but fit together very well.

What can be changed? :P hmm. First of all I think that the lighting on her hair lines up too well with the vertical white lines on her coat. This makes a line on the picture seem faded out and like a watermark. Also, the blush mark on her cheek kind of stands out for me, might want to consider blending in inwards a bit, but since it matches with her hair color it's not much of an issue. I also find it funny that the pattern on her coat looks the same all over her coat, it makes it look like a photoshop texture added on without much consideration. Um...two more things...the inside of the coat could be a darker color, and the train seat doesn't really match up with the lines around it, (seems like a very casual train). also her feet are very small, usually I don't see that except on us Asian people :D

Overall it's pleasing to the eye and average ktshy fan.

-loyal fan in California :9

Kt Shy said...

Thanks Mario B :)

Frances, I totally agree with your critiq, thank you for your honesty! The texture of the coat is intentionally flat, but I do notice the vertical shine running through the pic. I shall fix this!