Saturday, March 28, 2009

Interview and FNARTS!

Hi guys! Just wanted to thank everyone for your kind words and compliments, they're very much appreciated! :) I don't tend to get too wordy on this blog (I save that for my DA or LJ) but I do read every comment and am happy that you've enjoy my drawings and comic-ings thus far! Cheers!

Just in! I've got an interview up at the cool arty blog Rococo Flow. Feel free to take a peek if you happen to be curious about my thoughts on... things... arty.

Also! Here are some fanart, or fnarts, that I did while taking a break from night-time comic work. You know when you have ALOT to do and suddenly all you want to do is draw fanarts? No? Oh, okay then. Sometimes this happens to me.

First up is Makani's Bitte, who strikes me as being a lil' crazy...

And Mufindi from Enolianslave's webcomic "Mufindi's Tale".GOOD TIMES! And now I must sleep. Have a great weekend!


Qwertyrulz said...

The character from eno's story looks so good and cool in your style, too!

orange said...

love em..esp the top one..and KT..the sketches on the banner are awesome !!

Isa said...

Hey Ktshy! I'm big fan of shrub monkey and I saw randomly on twitter that you wanted to buy Jolies Ténébres. I highly recommend it! It will only be available in Canada on the 6th of april or something though. Release dates in france are faster. BUT! If you are interested, there is anotther work by this illustrator that has a really good story that is now available in english and on amazon. It's called Miss don't touch me.

Have fun!

Secondlina aka Isabelle

jacks said...

great drawings!

Danarchy said...

Greta blog great comics, stumbling across ur blog was a much welcomed suprise.