Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dark Stalkers Tribute... REJECTED!

Don't mind the lopsided ear... it just means he's EXTRA pious!
For Udon's Dark Stalker tribute contest. Only 177 entries were selected from a list of over 2000, madness! Should be one helluva good book! :)


Jakface said...

I think I called him Demitri on DA. I'm stupid. Isn't his name Donovan? Wow I fail. ANYWAY I already gushed of how awesome this was on DA. But you already know you're awesome. AWESOME!

Stephanie R. said...

haha, this is awesome! Man, either this book is going to be really really good, or its going to be absolute crap!

My friend did a cartoon and didn't get in either. Hmm, oh well.

I love your comics, keep it up!