Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blue Headphones

Based off a girl I stalked...errr... happened to be walking behind on the way home from work... with my sketchbook out... in the rain... :I


Melissa said...

Hehe, I love the paranoid glance she is giving us. ;)

Todd Oman said...

haha I love how you drew her looking back at you, awesome, you went that far you should of just mugged her for those headphones, oh well next time.

sharad said...

:D did she see u sketching her????? ...good work !

La voyageuse said...

The posing is just great!

And I looooove the "What the...?" look she has. Looks like she's going to run away from your sketchbook if we look at her for too long. :D

Marco said...

Aw...the poor girl! XD Did she really look back at you from time to time?
I am much to shy to openly sketch people around me. Though my art teachers always highly recommended this. .__.
By the way, I like your style. At first glimpse, I thought you could be french or belgian...but your canadian.

P.S. The word verification was "gazing".XD

Thomas Fummo said...

That's really cool.
Realism bordering on surrealism. Or something.
I dig the blue headphones, I probably would have stal-- I mean happened to walk behind this girl also. :-D
If you have the time or inclination or both, check out my blog sometime.

p.s. word verification : hypering
hmm... Hal jordan or an overreacting toddler?

MARgie said...

i have those boots