Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shrub Monkeys #82


TF said...

Mufasa pole dancing?

By the Great wurdle of kludge, my EYES!!!

hilarious, of course :-D

~ Lu said...

KT OMG the Shrub Monkeys are getting better and better every day! Your expressions are fantastic, I totally admire your progress, well done my friend. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

You should do a book when you reach 100... not far away!

Luv ya lots!

Alan said...

Holy Cow! Disney really did away with the clubs. So weird. I didn't know.
I bumped into you through a link on one of your friends blogs. Stop by and visit me at www.RobotNine.com

MARgie said...


it's your 'ol buddy Marion!

This is HILARIOUS! I show my bf your comics and he thinks they're great.

Anyhoos, we should make an attempt to catch up and junk, like, seriously.

I have a blog now too. woot.

Eksa said...

Can Ariel give me lap dance?Please...

Marco said...

Wait...you see the Lion King dancing there? o__O
But when he said "adult enternainment" and "pleasure island" I thought the same. That sounds just like porn! XD