Sunday, December 14, 2008

More painter doodles

Here's the full collection of watercolour Sailor Scouts, weee!


Oriphan said...

It's like Sailor Moon meets Ren and Stimpy.
This is awesome. ^^

I knwo these are doodles, but I are gonna do the other sailor scouts? =3

Claire Lenth said...

sweet happy fun time doodles rule.

Rob Walton & Grace Walton said...

Hi Katie,

I came across your little post on Ragmop. Thanks very much. Here's a link to my new web comic, Chocolate-Face Grace.

Nice to meet another T.O 'toonist! I'll add your link to my web comic blog.


Rob walton

Katy Hargrove said...

I love it when you redraw characters. Your comics rock too!

pinky said...

when you draw sailor moon your my hero!

Hesbell said...

yea yeaaa! I'm with Oriphan! You should paint the other scouts!