Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shrub Monkeys #67

Click this link to read the comic!

A comic for Shagster, who's over on the other side of the country discovering Vancouver :D (with his awesome new hair cut)


linzb0t said...

Haha, This is awesome! I need to learn expressions like you!

Hi btw! I met you briefly at FanExpo.
I was the girl with the lightsaber who posed with Shaggy for a picture XD

Kt Shy said...

Oh yeah! I remember you :) My bro says your costume was from a comic called "No more heros?" I think? Definitely gotta check that out. Thanks for stoppin by! :D

Moogie said...

Lmao, this is hilarious!

A similar thing happened to me when I got my hair straightened... XD