Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Caricatures Scaricatures

I was home sick for half the day, and to keep myself preoccupied in a quiet empty house (aside from the cat) put on one of my fave-o films. And for the first time in like forever drew some talking heads! Most fun I've had drawing on my own for a while, I'm gonna keep at it and get better!
I've really grown to admire some amazing caricature blogs: Tom Richmond's is excellent with lessons, tips and insight into working freelance and caricature how-to's. Marlo Meekins' caricatures are so fun and crazy energetic. And I'm in love with the adorable sketches that come out of Katie Rice and Kali. (I always check em out whenenver I'm feeling blue.) They all make me really want to keep drawing on my own time and to have fun while doing it.


The Big Fig said...

Your work is so nice and loose.
Steve Nyman

Sloth said...

haha, great stuff, looking forward to more :)